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Knitting Microbes

Glasgow City of Science has been working with primary schools in Glasgow on a hand hygiene project that culminated in a hand hygiene lesson on the importance of hand washing to prevent spread of infection. We're in the process of collating how many participants were involved in the simultaneous lesson across multiple schools and venues at 1.30pm on 19th March 2014 and hope that we may have smashed a World Record!

Knitters - from Caithness to Cardiff; Florida to Fife; Lanark to London; and of course from all around Glasgow and so many other places - have helped us to smash our target of 980 microbes and the total at last count stands at 1076! We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who put their needles to great use and contributed their time and creative talent to support this project. Thank-you!

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Glasgow Primary Schools - Hand Hygiene World Record Attempt

Press Coverage

The Scotsman - Glasgow Schools Go For Hand Washing World Record

Evening Times - Woolly Bugs Help City Kids Set A Hand Hygiene Record

STV Glasgow - School Children's Hand Hygiene World Record Supported by Flashmob

STV Glasgow - Attack of the knitting bugs

Read Catriona Stewart's coverage in the Evening Times on 6th February: "Knitting bugs hope to break world record"

Read a great write-up of the Hand Hygiene World Record attempt in Glasgow and the knitted microbes by NHS Inform over at the STV website!

Read The Extra online "Calling all knitters: we need germs!"

Read The Daily Record, 'Knitted bacterium tour Glasgow to drum up more woolly bugs for world record bid' by Cordelia O'Neill.

Back on the 6th December 2013, the microbes featured in the John O Groat Journal in an article by Catriona Metcalf - "Wanted: nifty knitters to help attempt world record".

John O Groat Journal - 6th December 2013

You can view a pdf of the article, "Wanted: nifty knitters to help world record attempt".

by 14th March, we've got an incredible, 1076 microbes

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Knit in your own time!

Firstly, a huge thank-you to knitters from all over the UK and across the world for your support, interest and contribution to our project. We no longer need to receive knitted microbes (as the hand hygiene project with schools has finished for this year) but, here are the patterns if you're keen to knit your own microbes!

Knitting patterns are available for the following: tuberculosis, cholera, salmonella, common cold, swine flu, penicillium.

Although we no longer need knitted microbes, if you make some, why not tweet us a pic of your creation - you'll find us @cityofscience

Get knitting!

Batches of Bacteria

Huge thanks to the First Monday and the Strathendric Embroiderers guild, who've got 33 lovely knitted microbes (in the pic below) to send our way!

33 microbes coming our way from the First Monday and the Strathendric Embroiderers guild

Many thanks too to all who came along to the Knitting Bug at Glasgow Caledonian University on the 27th November to add to the growing collection of salmonella, cholera, TB, the common cold, swine flu and good old penicillin microbes!