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Our latest partners

The strength of our partnership lies in the diversity of our partners.

Amongst our most recent partners are:

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Cameras at the ready!

Snap science in action around Glasgow and the West of Scotland and you could win some great prizes from Glasgow City of Science and our partner, Jessops.

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Venturefest Scotland

Scotland's summit for innovation on 1st September 2016, Glasgow Science Centre.

Connecting SMEs to academics, innovators and investors

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A story of innovation

Glasgow is a hotbed of innovation

From Sir Alexander Fleming with penicillin to John Logie Baird with TV; from John McAdam with macadamisation of road surfaces to James Beaumont Neilson with the blast furnace, as well as the architectural genius of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Alexander “Greek” Thompson. It’s a story of invention, entrepreneurialism and transformation.

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Our offer to the scientific community

Glasgow and the West of Scotland have a deep-rooted scientific heritage

Glasgow is a great city, with great people, great companies and a great lifestyle. It also has a history of innovation from the famous names of the past like James Watt to those working in key science and technology sectors today.

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Success stories

Glasgow’s an international centre of engineering and science excellence

Whilst Glasgow is globally recognised as a vibrant city of culture and the arts, retail and architectural splendour, it’s less well known as a leading international destination for scientific discovery and innovation.

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Our sectors

Our priority sectors align to the key growth sectors.

Glasgow City of Science is focused on promoting cross-disciplinary projects that use science and innovation to tackle real-world challenges. Here are some examples that demonstrate the diversity of scientific activity happening across Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

What is Glasgow City of Science?

Glasgow City of Science is a pioneering partnership that aims to ensure everybody in the city region benefits from science and technology.

It recognises the importance of communicating science as part of Glasgow and the West of Scotland’s heritage and culture.

The emergence of the Glasgow City of Science initiative signalled a commitment from multi-sector partners to work smarter together to leverage the region’s scientific potential as a major driver of sustainable economic development.

It is based in Scotland’s largest city, which is a focus for innovation and great place to invest. A city with great people and a high level of education and skills. A city committed to the growth sectors of the economy, all of which have a science element.

Take a look at our Sectors

Glasgow City of Science is focused on promoting interdisciplinary projects that use science and innovation to tackle real-world challenges. Here are some examples that demonstrate the diversity of scientific activity happening across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. [Case Study Template]

What’s happening

This is a living, breathing website with regular updates on news, blogs and events. It’s the place to come back to again and again if you want to know what’s happening in the science and technology world in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

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